To Hire And Keep Top Talent, Think Beyond Compensation

As seen on Law 360 By Patrick Moya (August 29, 2023) The last few years have seen changes in law firm hiring, retention and compensation, many of them resulting from the pandemic.  Among these is a renewed emphasis on quality of life and firm culture, with attorneys, staff and clients driving the need for change. … Read more »

When Law Firm Partners Should NOT Work with a Legal Recruiter

Legal recruiters provide invaluable benefits to law firm partners considering a move to a new firm as discussed in our prior post on When Law Partners Should Work with a Legal Recruiter. However, in some circumstances, the assistance of an attorney recruiter is not necessary, and you may get better results handling the job search… Read more »

When Law Firm Partners Should Work with a Legal Recruiter

When law firm partners are considering a move to another firm or a legal recruiter contacts them about an opportunity, one of the first questions to consider is whether it makes sense to work with a recruiter. There are many benefits to engaging with a recruiter to help you identify and evaluate law firms and… Read more »

How to Work with a Search Firm to Get Your Story Told

Law firms that are able to effectively tell their unique stories are more likely to attract and land high-achieving attorneys in their field. A growing number of firms are partnering with dedicated legal search firms in to create and share their values and missions with prospective candidates. Here are some tips for working with a… Read more »

Trends in the Lateral Market: Are Firms Growing or Not – And Why?

The employment of lawyers is projected to grow 9 percent over the next decade. Because the lateral market is often considered to be volatile, it can be difficult to accurately predict just how much law firms are growing. But, the number of notable mergers and transitions among the nation’s largest firms recently suggests that some… Read more »

Create a Strategic Hiring and Retention Plan for Your Firm

Observing your competition in the marketplace can help you devise a smart hiring strategy as you plan for the future of your law firm. What are the current movements in the market? What are talented candidates looking for? What are areas of growth for the firm? Answering some of these questions can help you attract… Read more »

Opportunities to Win Talent

There are many ways for law firms to win talent. As legal recruiters, we are often asked by our key clients, “what should our firm do to attract the best attorneys?” The first step is to think strategically about your mission and what you’re trying to accomplish. Next, we make sure that you have incorporated… Read more »

How to Enable and Develop Your Top Talent to Grow Their Business

Successful law firms find ways to encourage their top talent to grow their business. Firms can put structures and processes in place to make this easier, which is a win-win for everyone. Here are some ways that law firms can help their top attorneys to grow and succeed. Hire the Best First, make sure you… Read more »

What to Look for in a Rainmaker

Every firm needs great rainmakers. They are savvy in business and excellent at client development which keeps everyone busy doing what they do best. Ultimately, the rainmakers are the influencers of profitability for a law firm. Here are a few tips on what to look for in a candidate so you can land the rainmaker… Read more »

Use Your Law Firm Culture to Attract Top Talent

Your law firm needs rainmakers and bright legal minds if your firm is going to succeed.  The problem is, there is tremendous competition for top legal talent. The best and the brightest attorneys can choose where they want to go, and they will often opt for firms that have a culture of innovation and a… Read more »