Ready to Change Law Firms? Not So Fast, the Grass May Not Be Greener at Another Law Firm

A common situation we see as legal recruiters is law firm partners looking to make a change for the wrong reasons. You may not expect to hear this from a headhunter but most of the candidates we speak with about moving to a new firm, say they are not satisfied with their present firm. However,… Read more »

Be the Partner Your Colleagues Can Trust

An important aspect to success and achievement within a law firm is to be the partner to which your colleagues can turn. This means, your reciprocity, camaraderie, and marketing skills have put you in the position where others look to you for your expertise. How do you become the partner your colleagues can trust? Build… Read more »

Hiring Trends for Law Firms: Who Law Firms Are Looking to Hire

If you’re a partner considering a new opportunity at a law firm, it’s a good time to consider what law firms are looking for in a partner. Law firms are looking for attorneys with a particular set of skills and experience. Before you make a move, consider some of these desirable traits to see if… Read more »

Peak Performance for Lawyers: 8 Tips for Professional Advancement

Attorneys working in a law firm often work long hours and a grueling schedule. It can be challenging to find new ways to advance your legal career. Yet, pushing yourself toward more challenging projects and a higher level of success will allow you to excel at your profession and enjoy what you do. As attorneys,… Read more »

Peak Performance for Lawyers: 5 Tips for Personal Improvement

Attorneys working in a law firm often work long hours and a grueling schedule. It can be challenging to find a balance. Yet improving your well-being and your work habits will help create the work-life balance that we all yearn for. Putting yourself in an optimal position for success will allow you to excel in… Read more »

How to Enable and Develop Your Top Talent to Grow Their Business

Successful law firms find ways to encourage their top talent to grow their business. Firms can put structures and processes in place to make this easier, which is a win-win for everyone. Here are some ways that law firms can help their top attorneys to grow and succeed. Hire the Best First, make sure you… Read more »

Use Your Law Firm Culture to Attract Top Talent

Your law firm needs rainmakers and bright legal minds if your firm is going to succeed.  The problem is, there is tremendous competition for top legal talent. The best and the brightest attorneys can choose where they want to go, and they will often opt for firms that have a culture of innovation and a… Read more »