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R&D Tax Credit Specialist at Leading Upper-Midwest Boutique

Working with a headhunter has never been my style. And often, I am reluctant to reply to LinkedIn messages or emails from folks saying they have my dream job. But I am so glad I took the leap with Quaero Group. Patrick, Candi and their entire team were able to present me to my current employer in a way I could not present myself. Their attentiveness and level of detail in preparing me for each interaction throughout the process was incredibly valuable and left me at ease before each interview. The team at Quaero Group was also able to answer all of my questions, and provided a lot of insight that I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking during an interview session. I was able to direct questions about compensation, HR-related and other administrative talking points to them, so that my interactions with the employer were solely focused on the work and the job. Me landing this job is directly correlated to the work done by Candi and Patrick. I am 1,000% Team Quaero, and would suggest them to anyone looking to make a positive change to their career.