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Use Your Law Firm Culture to Attract Top Talent

Feb 21, 2017 | Law Firm Clients

Your law firm needs rainmakers and bright legal minds if your firm is going to succeed.  The problem is, there is tremendous competition for top legal talent. The best and the brightest attorneys can choose where they want to go, and they will often opt for firms that have a culture of innovation and a reputation for being forward-thinking agents of growth.

Your firm needs to be proactive in creating a culture built upon respect and opportunity so you can bring in the best legal professionals. Your culture must be strong internally as well as marketed as a part of your public message. To do this, your firm must consider:

1. Importance of communication:

The lines of communication must always be open to create a firm culture that has a competitive advantage in attracting talent. There should be room for disagreement in order to facilitate growth. Vision, mission, and goals must be clearly communicated so everyone shares the same core purpose.

2. Strategic planning and core competencies:

Does your firm have a plan to competitively differentiate itself? Does everyone on your team understand and buy into the plan? Is your strategy to be more of a boutique, excelling in one specific area or to be more full-service providing broad-based services for most clients? As you make these decisions, it is essential to have a strategic plan guiding your choices.  Then, go out and communicate what that plan is.

3. Creating a culture of collegiality and collaboration

Are attorneys at your firm working together for a common purpose?  Is there a culture of respect where attorneys and staff from different departments work together collaborating towards achieving common goals for growth? A spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and a broad commitment to the firm’s success is essential to creating an attractive firm culture.  Are your people incentivized to work as a team or do they just work in silos?

4. Become effective at cross-selling:

Does your firm have an effective marketing plan to cross-sell so clients will take advantage of a wide array of your services? Cross-selling can maximize growth potential, while also deepening and protecting client relationships.  This takes trust in your colleagues and it must be communicated that everyone in place is incredibly capable of helping on matters for their colleagues’ clients.  In addition, a culture of expeditious, flawless execution must be in place for this to work to build trust amongst the team.

5.  Utilizing compensation:

How does your firm reward top performance? As they say, money isn’t everything, but it is undeniable that compensation is an important factor in a person’s life and career. Compensation, performance-based compensation, bonuses, and/or other efforts to recognize achievement are looked upon favorably by skilled attorneys eager for opportunities.  You must give financial recognition to your best people or someone else will.

The Society for Human Resource Management indicates that communication, a shift to remote work, and transparency about the organization’s future are three of the top factors affecting culture.

Your firm can work hard to develop a culture that provides employees with the respect they crave and you can showcase this positive culture to create a competitive advantage and attract top talent.

Are you looking for top talent for your firm?

At Quaero Group, our work begins by developing an ideal candidate profile. We examine each of our client’s culture and needs to determine the unique candidate qualities that create an ideal fit.  Then we simply go out to tell your story and attract the best attorneys in the marketplace.  To secure the legal talent your firm requires, contact Quaero Group, Recruiters of Attorneys Nationwide.



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