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How to Work with a Search Firm to Get Your Story Told

Mar 13, 2018 | Law Firm Clients

Law firms that are able to effectively tell their unique stories are more likely to attract and land high-achieving attorneys in their field. A growing number of firms are partnering with dedicated legal search firms in to create and share their values and missions with prospective candidates. Here are some tips for working with a search firm to effectively tell your story.

Differentiating Your Law Firm

A common problem in the legal industry is that law firms forget to emphasize what’s unique and special about them. It’s important to be known for something great and tell that story. Start by differentiating your law firm by defining your values and your culture.

Define Your Values

Consider what is important to your firm. This will help you determine what type of attorneys will do well in your culture. Answer the following questions:

  • What are the most important achievements an attorney must reach to be successful at your firm?
  • How do you become a Partner at your firm?
  • What are the key competencies that define success at your firm?
  • What types of clients do you want to work with?
  • Do you have a preferred client size or industry?

Define Your Culture

Law firms that have a distinct culture will stand apart from their competitors. So, first consider what makes your culture unique, then move on to expressing what kind of environment it is.

  • Does the culture emphasize a work/life balance? Or is it more focused on hard work?
  • Is the climate collaborative? Or more solo-driven?What is the compensation structure? (Formulaic? Subjective?)
  • How do you encourage cross-marketing within the firm?

How Is a Search Firm Going to Help?

Hiring often causes firms to lose focus and spend resources that would better be dedicated to your clients. Finding ideal candidates is a time-consuming process that typically requires an extensive network that many law firms just aren’t privy to. Good attorney headhunters are market masters with a vast network and understanding of the marketplace. Here are some of the things we offer our clients:

  • Telling Your Story
    Together we help you craft a good story, then we evangelize for your firm. As we share your story and connect with top legal talent, we are able to find the best fit for your opportunity.
  • A View Inside
    Everyone will have a different outlook on your firm. We allow candidates to take a look inside – see a part of the firm that others don’t see – when we tell a well-crafted story of the firm’s success and activities. People get excited by the story.
  • A Partnership
    We work together – we are your partner and trusted adviser. We find candidates who are a good fit with that story.
  • Candidate Profile
    We will craft the ideal candidate profile for you – What is valuable to your firm? Growth? More leadership? Changes within? Then we focus on candidates who can help meet those needs.
  • High Achievers
    We get exceptional candidates through the door that you don’t already know. We help guide them toward your firm.
  • Clarity of Focus
    Our clear understanding of the market allows us to advise our clients and manage the entire process quickly and effectively.

Once you differentiate your firm by defining your values and mission, then you are well on your way toward establishing a unique story. Partnering with a legal recruiter who can help you craft that into a clear story that expresses your firm’s culture is a wise move for most firms. Effectively telling your story makes you more likely to attract and land the high-achieving attorneys you need to reach your goals.

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